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   Not able to connect to trackers/dht and unable to get shows?



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[#191362] Written by: dsmlab [10/11/12, 08:26]
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i have had these issues off and on the last month. i use utorrent 1.8.3 because i find the newer
utorrent versions were troublesome. i have been using the older utorrent for over a year at least. this
eztv issue has only been the last month. i could not get some eztv links to work. example today i
started 5 downloads this am. 2 worked fine and three had 0 seeds or peers. i added the above
trackers someone mentioned and enabled dht in the problem torrents and immediately they started
working. i have dht disabled for private tracker reasons, they suggested it for proper seeding on their

thank you for the help.

what i added:
[#191543] Written by: j31p [14/11/12, 00:34]
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Quote by novaking
well, this was a decision we decided to make, we knew some people would be
using shitty old clients,
and we knew some vpns/proxies don't handle udp forwarding. of course you are welcome to
add http
trackers yourself, we are not stopping you. but we will continue to only provide dht/udp
we are looking towards the future, and we apologises if this affects some people in the process.
things will only get better and you guys wouldn't even remember what this was even about.

again, we will not be putting http trackers back into our releases. so asking us to do so is simply
wasting your time.

what a way to talk, shitty old clients.

bet you didn't think like that 5 years ago when your site started up and everybody thought
utooent 1.8.3 was the bees knees., including yourselves.

makes one wonder how this guy regards the membership here.
[#195659] Written by: djwires [21/02/13, 07:28]
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for some reason all trackers i have been using since this morning are dead on all of eztv torrents.
is it just me? (please say no...)
tpb could not connect
openbt/publicbt/istole/ccc fail
hexagon not authorized
thanks for any help/hint/assistance/tlc...
[#198035] Written by: kishanpatel50 [07/04/13, 15:28]
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it has been happening to me too for the last month or so. i end up having to go search for more
trackers. i doubt its a problem with the trackers as alot of people would have complained already. i
could be due to my isp blocking connections.
[#198855] Written by: bleeding_me [21/04/13, 09:51]
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hello guys,

i'm having the same problem.

i have dht, peer exchange, udp turned on. but i nothing downloads... all trackers appear as "connection
timed out"... can anyone please help me ?
[#484795] Written by: pupa3570 [02/08/16, 20:09]
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I am having issues downloading as of yesterday. Unfortunately I am not a technical or computer expert. What do I need to
do. ...the problem is only being encountered on tablet. Pc working fine.
[#484796] Written by: gajoseph [03/08/16, 06:41]
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Second half of Coro is not showing, Fri & Mon.
We do enjoy the show...
[#485600] Written by: glematpri72 [03/01/17, 15:24]
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Greeting hs-07.com. If returned after a couple of years. Horray. Have a problem though. I try to dload a torrent and it
wont open the link to load it. What should I do?
[#486910] Written by: uriteva [10/08/17, 04:32]
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Hi Guys!

I had some trouble with my torrent client so I switched to Transmission, but when I try to DL it won't connect to the
It works fine with other torrent sites.

Any ideas?


[#487227] Written by: Tornado48 [05/09/17, 12:34]
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Since yesterday I get an error when I try to get shows.
Felet går inte att hitta sökvägen. (Write toDisk)
Error: Can't find the path. (Write toDisk)

Any one knowwhy?
[#487360] Written by: mgbpal [15/09/17, 05:31]
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Is it possible to search for shows on a specific date?
[#487885] Written by: 406coupe [16/11/17, 13:31]
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Hi there,

I'm new here and I got an issue with the tracker internetwarriors wich is disabled like all the
others by the way. Then I can't download anything.

I run utorrent and it works perfectly with others...

Any idea what's wrong ?

[#487902] Written by: elendeman [19/11/17, 18:58]
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try these





[#488356] Written by: madmax4life [11/03/18, 13:24]
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I am trying to download Dragon Ball Super Dubbed but because there's so many episodes gone I am
unable to get to S01E01. only from S01E20 fits on the page. can someone provide me with a link so I
can get all the episodes please?
[#488366] Written by: Angel55 [13/03/18, 14:13]
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I am trying to download some episodes of my favourite shows and it keeps giving me an error and won't download the series.
The torrent uploads to uTorrent with no problem and it starts the download then an error message pops up and the download
cancels. Please help...
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