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  Show name Rating
Adventure Time      Adventure Time 8.60
avg out of 58,248 votes
Bizaardvark      Bizaardvark 3.80
avg out of 1,097 votes
Blindspot      Blindspot 7.50
avg out of 53,083 votes
Blue Bloods      Blue Bloods 7.50
avg out of 25,578 votes
Bosch      Bosch 8.30
avg out of 24,715 votes
Bring It!      Bring It! 6.50
avg out of 371 votes
Coronation Street      Coronation Street 5.70
avg out of 4,008 votes
Dateline NBC      Dateline NBC 6.70
avg out of 1,518 votes
Days of Our Lives      Days of Our Lives 5.30
avg out of 5,291 votes
Diners, Drive-ins and Dives      Diners, Drive-ins and Dives 7.40
avg out of 2,429 votes
EastEnders      EastEnders 5.00
avg out of 6,517 votes
Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show      Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show 7.20
avg out of 12,350 votes
Forbidden: Dying for Love      Forbidden: Dying for Love 7.50
avg out of 40 votes
Gold Rush: Alaska      Gold Rush: Alaska 7.20
avg out of 3,412 votes
Have I Got News For You      Have I Got News For You 8.10
avg out of 3,618 votes
Hawaii Five-0 (2010)      Hawaii Five-0 (2010) 7.40
avg out of 56,246 votes
High Maintenance      High Maintenance 8.00
avg out of 2,775 votes
It Takes a Killer      It Takes a Killer 7.20
avg out of 60 votes
Jane the Virgin      Jane the Virgin 7.80
avg out of 22,401 votes
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon      Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show Starring 7.60
avg out of 12,403 votes
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert      Late Show with Stephen Colbert, The 7.50
avg out of 7,026 votes
Live PD      Live PD 8.30
avg out of 444 votes
MacGyver      MacGyver 5.10
avg out of 11,498 votes
Married to Medicine      Married to Medicine 5.00
avg out of 151 votes
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.      Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 7.50
avg out of 167,793 votes
MasterChef Junior      MasterChef Junior 6.70
avg out of 1,961 votes
My Kitchen Rules      My Kitchen Rules 7.30
avg out of 583 votes
Neighbours      Neighbours 5.60
avg out of 4,116 votes
Once Upon A Time      Once Upon A Time 7.80
avg out of 189,565 votes
Other TV Shows      Other TV Shows 0.00
avg out of 0 votes
Player Attack      Player Attack 6.80
avg out of 11 votes
Real Time with Bill Maher      Real Time with Bill Maher 7.60
avg out of 10,446 votes
Santa Clarita Diet      Santa Clarita Diet 7.60
avg out of 23,870 votes
Seth Meyers, Late Night With      Seth Meyers, Late Night With 6.10
avg out of 3,595 votes
Simply Ming      Simply Ming 7.90
avg out of 88 votes
Sofia the First      Sofia the First 7.20
avg out of 1,571 votes
Spy World      Spy World 6.66
avg out of 3 votes
Stuck in the Middle      Stuck in the Middle 5.80
avg out of 894 votes
Taken      Taken 6.60
avg out of 6,003 votes
The Bold and the Beautiful      The Bold and the Beautiful 3.50
avg out of 6,093 votes
The Dumping Ground      The Dumping Ground 7.30
avg out of 297 votes
The Paynes      The Paynes 4.60
avg out of 110 votes
The Secret Life of Kids      The Secret Life of Kids 0.00
avg out of 0 votes
The Talk      The Talk 3.80
avg out of 1,413 votes
The Young and the Restless      The Young and the Restless 5.20
avg out of 4,888 votes
TMZ on TV      TMZ on TV 3.60
avg out of 1,853 votes
Trailer Park Boys      Trailer Park Boys 8.40
avg out of 30,045 votes
Vice      Vice 8.90
avg out of 3,692 votes

  Show name Rating
24CH: la série      24CH: la série 7.20
avg out of 29 votes
Alvinnn!!! And the Chipmunks      Alvinnn!!! And the Chipmunks 4.90
avg out of 627 votes
Casualty      Casualty 6.00
avg out of 1,997 votes
The Dead Files      Dead Files, The 6.80
avg out of 1,454 votes
Elena of Avalor      Elena of Avalor 6.70
avg out of 608 votes
First Time Flippers      First Time Flippers 5.70
avg out of 32 votes
Ghost Adventures      Ghost Adventures 7.70
avg out of 5,918 votes
Henry Danger      Henry Danger 5.70
avg out of 1,805 votes
Knight Squad      Knight Squad 4.60
avg out of 125 votes
Live PD      Live PD 8.30
avg out of 444 votes
My Kitchen Rules      My Kitchen Rules 7.30
avg out of 583 votes
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic      My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic 7.70
avg out of 17,122 votes
Other TV Shows      Other TV Shows 0.00
avg out of 0 votes
Ransom      Ransom 6.50
avg out of 2,014 votes
Saturday Night Live      Saturday Night Live 8.10
avg out of 36,580 votes
Say Yes to the Dress      Say Yes to the Dress 5.20
avg out of 1,404 votes
SpongeBob SquarePants      SpongeBob SquarePants 8.10
avg out of 67,014 votes
Star vs. the Forces of Evil      Star vs. The Forces of Evil 8.20
avg out of 6,250 votes
The Kitchen      The Kitchen 6.40
avg out of 177 votes
The Pioneer Woman      The Pioneer Woman 6.20
avg out of 308 votes
The Voice UK      The Voice UK 6.10
avg out of 982 votes
TMZ on TV      TMZ on TV 3.60
avg out of 1,853 votes

  Show name Rating
60 Minutes (US)      60 Minutes (US) 7.60
avg out of 2,443 votes
American Idol      American Idol 4.20
avg out of 20,018 votes
Americas Funniest Home Videos      Americas Funniest Home Videos 6.20
avg out of 4,215 votes
Ash vs Evil Dead      Ash vs Evil Dead 8.50
avg out of 47,701 votes
Bar Rescue      Bar Rescue 7.70
avg out of 2,090 votes
Barefoot Contessa      Barefoot Contessa 6.50
avg out of 469 votes
Barnwood Builders      Barnwood Builders 8.30
avg out of 103 votes
Billions      Billions 8.40
avg out of 38,635 votes
Bob's Burgers      Bobs Burgers 8.10
avg out of 49,131 votes
Brooklyn Nine-Nine      Brooklyn Nine-Nine 8.30
avg out of 95,160 votes
Comic Book Men      Comic Book Men 7.70
avg out of 4,675 votes
Counterpart      Counterpart 8.30
avg out of 5,561 votes
Countryfile      Countryfile 7.30
avg out of 65 votes
Death Row Stories      Death Row Stories 7.90
avg out of 148 votes
Evil Lives Here      Evil Lives Here 8.10
avg out of 203 votes
Extra Gear      Extra Gear 5.80
avg out of 74 votes
Family Guy      Family Guy 8.20
avg out of 265,549 votes
Fear the Walking Dead      Fear the Walking Dead 7.00
avg out of 87,190 votes
Game Shakers      Game Shakers 4.50
avg out of 887 votes
Heartland      Heartland 8.30
avg out of 6,222 votes
Hold the Sunset      Hold the Sunset 5.30
avg out of 180 votes
Homeland      Homeland 8.40
avg out of 262,228 votes
The Last Man on Earth      Last Man on Earth, The 7.40
avg out of 43,571 votes
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver      Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 9.00
avg out of 56,999 votes
Little Big Shots      Little Big Shots 7.60
avg out of 375 votes
Lone Star Law      Lone Star Law 8.60
avg out of 68 votes
Lucifer      Lucifer 8.20
avg out of 102,523 votes
Madam Secretary      Madam Secretary 7.60
avg out of 14,884 votes
Mike Tyson Mysteries      Mike Tyson Mysteries 8.10
avg out of 2,562 votes
Mr. Pickles      Mr. Pickles 7.40
avg out of 4,452 votes
My Kitchen Rules      My Kitchen Rules 7.30
avg out of 583 votes
Naked And Afraid      Naked And Afraid 6.70
avg out of 2,426 votes
NCIS: Los Angeles      NCIS: Los Angeles 6.70
avg out of 40,892 votes
North Woods Law      North Woods Law 7.70
avg out of 206 votes
On the Case with Paula Zahn      On the Case with Paula Zahn 7.40
avg out of 468 votes
Other TV Shows      Other TV Shows 0.00
avg out of 0 votes
Our Cartoon President      Our Cartoon President 5.20
avg out of 1,120 votes
Peston on Sunday      Peston on Sunday 4.50
avg out of 15 votes
The Royals      Royals, The 7.50
avg out of 8,760 votes
School of Rock      School of Rock 4.60
avg out of 763 votes
Silicon Valley      Silicon Valley 8.60
avg out of 87,997 votes
The Simpsons      Simpsons, The 8.80
avg out of 308,104 votes
Sister Wives      Sister Wives 4.40
avg out of 1,841 votes
Snapped      Snapped 8.00
avg out of 704 votes
Swamp People      Swamp People 6.30
avg out of 1,888 votes
Talking Dead      Talking Dead 7.40
avg out of 2,884 votes
The Arrangement      The Arrangement 6.50
avg out of 2,023 votes
The Chi      The Chi 7.00
avg out of 1,439 votes
The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth      The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth 7.50
avg out of 318 votes
The Durrells      The Durrells 7.90
avg out of 3,030 votes
The Good Fight      The Good Fight 8.40
avg out of 7,207 votes
The Only Way Is Essex      The Only Way Is Essex 3.10
avg out of 1,873 votes
The Real Housewives of Atlanta      The Real Housewives of Atlanta 4.20
avg out of 2,779 votes
Timeless      Timeless 7.60
avg out of 20,402 votes
TMZ on TV      TMZ on TV 3.60
avg out of 1,853 votes
Top Gear      Top Gear 8.70
avg out of 94,061 votes
The Walking Dead      Walking Dead, The 8.40
avg out of 733,385 votes
When Calls the Heart      When Calls the Heart 8.60
avg out of 6,495 votes
Worst Cooks in America      Worst Cooks in America 6.40
avg out of 707 votes

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